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Aroma Powder Shake & Vac

Aroma Powder Shake & Vac

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Aroma Powder Shake & Vac, the perfect solution to refresh and revitalize your carpets effortlessly. This innovative product is designed to eliminate odors and leave your carpets smelling clean and inviting.

Our Aroma Powder Carpet Freshener is made with a unique blend of only two high-quality ingredients - professional fragrance oil blends and odor-neutralizing - bicarbonate soda. It effectively absorbs and neutralizes odors trapped in your carpets, such as pet odors, food smells, and stale odors, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent.

The convenient shake and vac bottle design makes it easy to apply the powder evenly across your carpets. Simply sprinkle the powder onto the surface of your carpets, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum it up. As you vacuum, the Carpet Freshener lifts away surface dirt, leaving your carpets clean, fresh, and beautifully scented.

What sets our product apart is our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients. We understand the importance of a clean and healthy home environment, which is why our Aroma Powder is free from harsh chemicals.

Choose our Aroma Powder to effortlessly refresh your carpets or rugs and bring a renewed sense of cleanliness to your space. With its delightful scent and effective odor-neutralizing properties, it's the perfect addition to your cleaning routine. Experience the joy of a fresh and inviting home.


* please note the bottle shape may either be the first or second photo (rectangular or trapezium) depending on stock. Quality/size isn’t affected.

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Aroma powders are must have especially after deep cleaning your house. Love how strong they are easy to use and leave the place smell nice for days if not weeks. Absolutely love them and recommend

Absolutely Lush

My house smells amazing everytime I use this powder. The fragrance is so long lasting, it even stays in the hoover which makes cleaning up more enjoyable 😄.
Definitely leaves visitors asking, 'what is that lovely smell?!'.
I never feel bad for buying too much from *byasiyah* as, everything is non toxic and I'm not left Inhaling a load of chemicals!
Definitely recommend, gift yourself some guilt-free lushness!

Anonymous Girl

Everything I have purchased from byasiyah had always been lush. The smell is long lasting smr better yet its non toxic and not bad for your health! My favourites are wax melts, carpet aroma powders and the diffusers!! Can't wait to buy again! Also, there's always new scents coming out which is always fun

Fills the full house !

I use this on my door mat, my rugs and stairs, basically all my main traffic areas and it makes it not only smell amazingggg but also seems to fluff up the texture. One of my favourite products from this shop

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